special delivery #WritePhoto

Photo courtesy of Sue Vincent

“How do you know my name? Who are you, anyway?” I asked.

He gave a deft twist on the handlebar, revving the engine, ready to roll. He smiled.


“Max who? Am I supposed to know you somehow?”

“Just Max. A friend of a friend of a friend. You need to know.”

He peeled out with a roar on his pukey-orange motorcycle, leaving me standing there outside my office building. I opened my hand and looked at the small piece of paper Max had given me. 

It was a lunch receipt from Spark’s Pub. Something was scribbled on the back. I don’t know what I expected to see, but it was just a string of letters and numbers. Huh? What did this have to do with me?

I crumpled the paper into my pocket as I wandered over to my car, heading for home.

I let myself into the apartment and could sense that Amanda wasn’t there. This was no surprise since she’d been working a lot of hours lately. I called out anyway, but it only managed to rouse, Slinky, the cat, to come and rub against my legs.

As I leaned down to pet Slinky, my eyes landed on Amanda’s laptop sitting on the table. There was an unexpected little snap in the recesses of my brain.

Any other day, it wouldn’t have occurred to me in a million years to do what I was about to do. I walked over, sat down, and opened the laptop. I pulled out the wrinkled receipt and typed in the letters and numbers at the password prompt.

Suddenly, I found myself in Amanda’s private universe.

Almost without thinking, I started clicking. It was just a matter of seconds before my world imploded. 

“You need to know,” I remembered the stranger, Max, saying over the growl of his engine.

I guess I was the last to know, too. 


Thank you, Sue Vincent, for the another fun #WritePhoto prompt!