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sanctuary #WritePhoto

I topple recklessly down the stairs, hands flailing, no thought of falling in my panic to flee. I sprint to the door, both arms in front of me, only to find it locked. A fresh cascade of tears falls on … Continue reading

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bon voyage #WritePhoto

She looked up in November and saw they were leaving. The geese flew, silent against the grey sky, headed for their winter home. She lifted her mittened hand and waved. “Au revoir!” she called out to them. “A bientot!” she … Continue reading

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Carter should have known better. I had been on the top secret VxVy project for three years. VxVy was the reason I got up in the morning. It’s all I ever thought about. Even though my main area of expertise … Continue reading

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special delivery #WritePhoto

“How do you know my name? Who are you, anyway?” I asked. He gave a deft twist on the handlebar, revving the engine, ready to roll. He smiled. “Max.” “Max who? Am I supposed to know you somehow?” “Just Max. … Continue reading

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thru hike #WritePhoto

I open my eyes. Still tired. Notice the dew on the tent, the sun just beginning to work. Muscles aching, I wriggle out of my sleeping bag.  I rub my sore feet before lacing up my dirty Altras. What, after … Continue reading

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born of air #WritePhoto

Looking out from my perch, I could see the makings of an abundant day.  My eyes turned back toward Volanta, yet asleep with little Piscea snuggled up beneath her mother’s wing. I tried to capture all the details of that … Continue reading

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chance #WritePhoto

Leaning over the rail, I look down into the water — the bird nesting in the reeds, the turtles sunning on the half-submerged limb. The greening and growing around me hiss with life. I am almost startled by your whisper … Continue reading

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