IMG_9883It’s getting ridiculous. What patience the universe has – to tell me this story over and over and over, and over again. Today, once more, the universe and I must go through it again, once is not enough. We have to do it twice, no really, three times today – in one day!

These startling stories which in the end all turn out to be the same story. And aha. I think I am finally beginning to see it now. It is my story.atown2

The universe keeps presenting me with these stories, forcing me to be confronted by person after person who has done this amazing thing, had a vision, followed through, and been rewarded. People who have changed everything, and changed nothing at all.

But now the universe is getting very specific. It knows me, after all, all too well. Where before it had not escaped me that I was hearing the same thing over and over, now, the universe is delivering up details.

Dammit. The handwriting appears to be on the wall. And it is pushing me up against it at the same time.


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