Not gonna lie. This presidential election is a sad commentary on the American people. It is unthinkable that with all the great minds and big hearts in this country of 330 million people, these are the candidates and leaders we allowed to rise to the top. At a time when we really need dedicated leaders working on our behalf, all we have are a bunch of self-serving players in Congress and beyond. We let this happen. And we continue to let it happen. The power lies ultimately with the people. We need a new party. Yesterday.

2 thoughts on “unthinkable

  1. It is very sad I think (though I don’t know too much about Biden I have heard that he is becoming ill and that he isn’t the most inspirational). Though I think if you are living in America then it is still so important to vote, as though whichever option isn’t ideal, it is far better to vote toward something better.

    1. It really is sad. Yes, voting is important, but we need to become engaged even more broadly than that and truly work for change. Thank you so much for reading and commenting! 🌷

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