i feel the would-be tears
of sadness, or is that joy,
or, wait, could that be love?
i am an ocean of feelings until i see
beyond the puzzled grief to the
the mute, immovable anger

a massive piece of iron
settled in the floor of that ocean,
it takes up space
where life would be,
buried there to serve no purpose
a tether of leviathan detritus

time has done nothing
to this original sin 
forged unthinkingly by the hand of man
ugly, silent, seething
smugly altering the course
of the waters and life itself

but the oceans are so much bigger
than this,
couldn’t i just swim away into the blue
of the seas, the sky, on to endless spaces
where other worlds await? but, oh,
look! a wind breathes softly there.


2 thoughts on “oceans

  1. Escaping always sounds like a good idea, Earthskyair. I heard something recently that made me think a little differently, however. Wherever we go, we always take ‘us’ with us… it’s always ‘us’ looking out wherever we go. The ocean around us may be different, but we’re in it no matter what.
    … now I wonder what took me down that route?
    Nice thoughts by the way. Iron (man) has a lot to answer for!

    1. True that, Tom. As Jon Kabat-Zinn said, “Wherever you go, there you are.” A lesson learned, sometimes re-learned, lol. I so appreciate your thoughtful reading and comments. 🌷

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