keySomeplace safe.
Where I’m the only one who has the key.
I can sit up late with the light on, because I don’t have to keep watch in the dark.
There’s no to do list here.
I sleep at night. No surprises.
I don’t wonder when your anger will boil over into my life again.
Because I’m someplace safe.
I draw all the lines here. No one gets to cross without my say-so.
And no one thinks of trying.
I don’t wonder where you are or what you’re doing
or when you’re coming back.
I don’t care how you feel, I’m not gauging your mood.
This is my space. It’s safe.
I don’t stand silent on watch.
My eyes don’t follow the passing car lights.
I don’t wonder what that sound means.
I’m not prepared.

Everything is just where I left it.
My book is open.
I don’t have to get dressed.
There’s nothing to defend.
There’s no rationalizing, justifying, explaining.
No self-soothing.
No recovery time.
Nothing to be done.
Someplace safe.

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