veru1_30_19NO. No. No, and no. The United States has exactly no business inserting itself into the sovereign affairs of Venezuela.

Who in this country is not weary of the endless meddling, suffering, and loss of life corporate/government interests have fostered around the globe? Let’s stop delivering more of same in Venezuela.

The very idea that our government leadership could choose to suddenly recognize the unknown George Washington University graduate Juan Guaidó over Venezuela’s elected president should frighten every citizen. That’s not how democracy works – Democracy 101, if you will – supposedly at the core of our national ethos.

Not content to simply throw that kind of global weight around, no, the US proceeds to lay further sanctions atop the ones that had already been put in place to fuel this crisis.

Then, we have to notice John Bolton’s notebook suggesting troop deployment to the region.

Not. In. My. Name.

Unsurprisingly, I see precious little government leadership of any stripe stepping up on the right side of this issue, save a pittance of folks including Congresspersons Tulsi Gabbard, Ro Khanna, and Ilhan Omar, and Senator Bernie Sanders. Even some of these folks sadly parroted some of the misleading hype about Maduro while decrying intervention.

What’s taking place in Venezuela is an attempted coup. It is a coup in which the US has played no small part. The interest there is not about democracy and freedom. It is about the usual suspects: money and power. And they are making damned sure it’s next to impossible for the average too-busy citizen to figure this deathly game out by lavishly employing media to their purposes.

It’s not taking on this reader. I’m having none of it. It is dangerous and violent and wrong and I do not support it in any way, shape, or form. In the interests of peace, justice, and freedom, we must all step up to express our disagreement with the aggressive US stance on Venezuela. We have no business interfering with the politics of a sovereign nation.

Hands off Venezuela.

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