born of air #WritePhoto

Looking out from my perch, I could see the makings of an abundant day. 

My eyes turned back toward Volanta, yet asleep with little Piscea snuggled up beneath her mother’s wing. I tried to capture all the details of that scene, knowing that I would carry it in my heart.

I spread my wings and lifted from the cliff. I circled down over the waves, alert and searching. Soon, I could see Volanta arcing away from the crevice high above me, ready to join in the hunt. 

And there was Piscea, scanning the waters eagerly from her heights, flexing her wings. 

Weeks of effort had come to this. We gathered up another feast for our darling, knowing that soon we must let her go. The time was near when our young one would set out on her own over the waters.

Now, Volanta and I remain, looking thoughtfully into the dark, listening to the waves pummeling the shore far below. The ache of loss pierces us, but then our hearts and wings begin to soar again, confident in our beloved, and beating with life.


Thank you, Sue Vincent, for the inspiration of this week’s #WritePhoto prompt.

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